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​Another one for classic literature lovers

I heard him mumble in agony.
“I must be in hell. No, be brave and you will make it to the island. There´s a new life, it´s like heaven. Is it on earth? Is it in this old, rotten world? It´s doomed to failure. I´m doomed.”
He is delirious again.
Again, work out the titles of three books (novels or essays) written by an English writer. To make it tougher, the only clue is that he is known to be inclined to Eastern mysticism and to experiment with LSD and mescaline.

Whoever answers first, gets a small gift ?

/Biblio lingo spot připravuje Zdenka Čechová/

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  1. Vendula napsal:

    Aldous Huxley:
    Brave new world
    Brave new world revisired

  2. Vendula napsal:

    The essay: Heaven and Hell..?

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